Business development

A versatile task

Any given organisation is daily facing a wide spectra of challenges, daily tasks as well as sudden needs of change and adaption. It can then be tempting to focus on what has proven itself to work in the past but as change happens around you that is not enough. Daily routines need to be in constant improvement to avoid becoming bottlenecks. Times of change brings new needs and new options emerge.

Business development is so much more than financial growth. It is the foundation of the ability to attract new co-workers, to develop new products, to deepen your understanding of your business field, to form sustainable use of resources and practice good leadership.

To know where you are going analysis and strategy are useful tools. It is easy to get caught by offers sounding good in the moment but if you don't anchor your choices in good knowledge of your goals, they can easily turn into inspiring but inefficient fireworks where you would have needed solid stepstones.

globe in hand.jpeg

Without a clear view of where you want to be it is hard to know what good development looks like


The foundation for growth

Business development is a fruit of operative leadership as well as strategic decisions. In small organisations the two perspectives often come together in one individual or a small team. Entrepreneurial leadership coaching is then a powerful tool to stay focused in shifting between perspectives. My business development coaching will help you to gain better clarity and focus, so you can better transform your business for growth and prosperity.

Living in one of the most entrepreneurial regions of Sweden I have built a well equipped toolset to sharpen your business development. The GSC-analysis, individual coaching, board work support, power teams and tailor made workshops are examples of methods in use.