Power team

Development together

Participating in a power team with us will provide you a space to explore, reflect and learn together with other like-minded people who are dealing with the same challenges. Power teams are thematically built networks where you and the rest of the group all have individual goals and challenges to face and at the same time you bring learnings and support to the group which in doing so helps you to bring new perspectives into your life.

A power team is at its maximum 8 participants meeting regularly for six months. Meetings can be IRL or virtual depending on the setting. In between meetings you check in on each other in agreed virtual channels (Facebook groups, Linked In groups, mail circles, we use what comes easy to you or Guldkanten creates a platform). The small size of the groups helps us to quickly get to know each other and build mutual trust.

The teams are built from a mutual theme such as leadership, everyday life of a small business owner, business development etc. Content is adapted to needs and wishes of the group. Power teams are sometimes built directly on the wishes of a potential member, if you have an idea for a power team you would like to be part of let us know, maybe we can build the group together.

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