Coaching is a partnership with you as a client in a thought-provoking and creative process inspiring you to maximize your personal and professional potential. It is used in different settings like business development, leadership or personal growth.

In coaching you learn about yourself and you put these learnings into action to form the change you want to see. My primary tool is open ended, exploring questions. Not because I need to know but for you to find your own answers. These can be combined with different exercises, visualisations and action plans based on your needs. 

A modern work life contains leadership in many aspects. being able to manage yourself and work towards a desired outcome, being apt to put in the hours and walk away smiling, forming projects to achieve set goals and at the same time develop your own skills and knowledge.

Coaching is about finding out what you want. Realizing what you allow to limit you. Feeling your own power. Trying out new ways to combine these and to form new strategies when the old ones no longer work.


Our sessions

Timing is one important part of a coaching program. I work with your exploring and learning, trying it out in real life and getting back in session to see what worked and what did not. That is why flexibility is highly prioritized at Guldkanten. I want to be there when the time is right for you to have your coaching.

Coaching can be done virtually or in a physical presence. Since many of my clients are spread around the world, Skype and other web-based systems are very convenient ways of working together. You can be at home, in the office or travelling - as long as we get our time zones right, we can get together for coaching wherever you are. 

Coaching is the most powerful intervention I have ever experienced. You helped me hold it together in a very busy time and at the same time I learned more about how to put the pieces together than I have ever done before.
— Client after finishing coaching program.

The right fit

When thinking of hiring a coach be careful of how you are choosing one. There are many different levels of coaches training and experience, and it is a good idea to make an informed choice. At Guldkanten you always get professional coaching in accordance with ICF global standards and ethical guidelines. To ensure quality to you as a client and to develop ourselves as coaches, any coach working under the name of Guldkanten is a member of ICF and holding or pursuing an ICF credential.

Lena Gustafsson is an inernationally active coach currently holding an ICF professional coach credentialing (ICF PCC)
Find out more on coachfederation website about how ICF ensures quality in coaching through a robust credentialing system.

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Upholding high ethical standards is a corner stone to being a professional coach. Should you at any point feel we are not doing so I would like to know.