Mentor coaching

Mentor coaching is a well-established method of sharpening your skills as a coach and a requirement to be able to apply for an ICF credential

I have been mentor coaching for more than ten years now, sometimes as part of training programs but mainly to coaches getting in touch directly with me because of the expertise I deliver in expanding their learning. As a mentor coach I will help you to identify your areas of development and deepen your coaching skills.  I will be coaching you on your competencies as a coach and your growth in being one. When you want to go a bit further in your role as a coach, when you are stuck or want to challenge yourself and in case you are aiming at an ICF credential at ACC or PCC level. As a mentor coach I work in accordance with ICF guidelines.

Our sessions

Guldkanten's mentor coach program is usually built on a series of 10 sessions. I need to hear you coach and that is usually solved by recordings but sometimes also in triads where coaches get together in group mentor coaching. I use ICF core competencies as basis of knowledge and coaching on these skills and your professional development as a tool.

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Developing your business

The topics we use during mentor coaching is always geared towards your skills as a coach. Should you want to be coached or have me as a mentor on building your practice that is business development coaching.

As coaches many of us are facing the challenges of becoming entrepreneurs, don't let that challenge overcome you. There are ways to handle it. One way is through power teams which are effective by getting together with a group of like-minded people in a similar challenge to build resilience and shared experience from each others insights.  ICF business development series is another way. And of course I do individual entrepreneurship coaching with coaches as well as with other professions to build a solid consulting practice.