At Guldkanten we highly respect your right to your personal data and the way we handle it to serve your interests. All handling of data is done in accordance with laws and regulations in the area and careful respect of your integrity. Our main principle is that data shall only be collected and stored when needed to give you high quality service. 

Our strict policy of confidentiality applies to all staff as well as consultants working for us.

Data is only stored to be able to fulfill our tasks and meet your interest in our services in high quality and correctness.

Being added into our systems is usually something you actively choose yourself by filling in a form, pressing a subscribe-button or in informed use of our services.
When we add data it is based on contact information provided by customer to ensure correctness in the system. 

Our website uses cookies to improve, promote and protect our services. Informtaiton on this is given when entering the website. 

Your right to be forgotten

Each and every one has the absolute right to be deleted from our systems. If that is your wish you just send us an e-mail at and we will delete you.

You can always yourself unsubscribe from our newsletters or disconnect form us on social media.