Facilitating success 

As a leader one of your main tasks is to facilitate the success of others. By giving your team good chances to succeed in their tasks you build the foundation of sustainability which will maximize the potential of your organisation. A systematic approach to developement work helps you move boundaries of what seems possible and expand the mutual benefit between you and your employees.


Initiate action

Being a good leader creates the requisites for your co-workers and reports to do their very best. Each and every one will grow from their level and with that often comes the joy of working. Different organisations have different settings around you as a leader. Being able to navigate this is essential to your leadership success. Around you as leader different interests compete and your ability to see and act in the complexity of it all affects in many ways. In individual leadership coaching, I help leaders by challenging their constraining beliefs and forming strategies. Quite often the simple act of setting time aside to reflect and to be able to do so with an unaffected partner like a coach is in itself making a big difference.

In coaching a simple and natural routine grew out of my ordinary working days. That is why it works and gives me the peace of mind to work efficiently (and then relax) Nowadays I have a smooth and efficient everyday life where things are being done in time.”
— Leader after finishing coaching program

To be able to be the source of power you need to be as a leader it is essential to take care of your own needs. In coaching you can work on your individual strengths and needs to change for the better. Coaching creates a space of reflection and a clarity to see the road ahead. You know what you need but when everyday life pushes you it can be hard to get access to the pre-conscious knowledge of your own mind and to actually act on what you know. Time to reflect gives you the opportunity to access and draw on you resources.

Success comes from trying and sometimes failing, but always reflecting and drawing on the learnings out of every experience. Then move on to try again. Leaders are the brave ones who dare to do this by themselves and also have the ability to inspire others to follow and help out.

Leaders have the courage to fail and learn.png