About us

Guldkanten's vision is to give you a work life of joy, generosity and healthy efficiency through our coaching.

In any service that I provide to my clients, this is my mission to accomplish with them. A place where each and every one of my clients can make use of and develop their skills in a way that is sustainable over time and brings joy in doing so.

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    Guldkanten AB is a limited liability company founded and owned by me, Lena Gustafsson. I am an international executive coach and speaker who guides and accompany executives, individuals and teams on the journey to achieve sustainable growth. In different assignments I co-operate with others to achieve the best possible result for the client at hand.

    I am based in Åseda, Småland, Sweden. This lovely countryside surroundings is where  I ground myself and from here I take off to meet you nationally and internationally. 

    Examples of where I am active right now: 

    • Centre of Leadership in Småland: This is a project at Linneaus University, Växjö. Here I am a process leader in leadership development groups to build leadership in innovative organisations.
    • Region Kronoberg:  A project where I am one of the selected consultants a part of Konsulttimmen which offers business development to companies in the Swedish region Kronoberg.
    • Kommuncoacherna: I am one of the coaches offering leadership coaching to some of the Swedish public agencies.
    • Skolcoacherna: Is a program bringing coaching to schools around Sweden as part of a national government project offering support to raise quality in chosen schools. With them I am doing individual coaching and team coaching on teachers.

    What is the best step forward to you and to your organisation is your knowledge. We do tailor made solutions to support you to reach your goals. Coaching is the core of our what we do. Besides that I give training programs, presentations, workshops, lectures and offer my services as consultant sharing my experience to your benefit.

    Licensed analyst

    Licensed analyst