Exploring your core values

Start listing the things that are truly important to you in who you want to be and how you think people should behave. Just jot them down in 2-3 words or so, you may want to use a blank sheet of paper and write them one on each line.

Keep adding until you reach 70+ values that you appreciate.

Then it is time to start narrowing down. Start by marking the ones that seem the most important to you. Delete the rest.

On your shortlist here start scoring out the least important, just draw a line over the ones you can let go and keep doing so until you have a handful of words left. The ones that you can not let go of.

These should be no more than 10, preferably you keep going to 3-5 words because that is probably the amount of core values you can keep in mind and actively honour and at the same time work with.

Have more and some of them will become pre-conscious and not as available to work on.

These 3-5 words/phrases are your present core values.

Now you can start pondering how they affect you. In what ways are they helping you? In what ways are they blocking you? How would you like to live them?